Als portals de la mort research project in residence in NauEstruch

Research project focused on temporality and finitude through contemporary art and in particular on the discourses of presence and corporality.

The coexistence with this nothingness that is our impending death urges us to cling desperately to presence, to live the present, to only live present forms of time. But this desire for the plenitude of presence coincides with death itself: presence never ceases deferral; it stands between two voids, that from which it proceeds and the one it heads to. Death and disappearance of the thing, annihilation of the object… But the symbol is already the death of the thing. Death, according to Jacques Lacan, is constitutive of a symbolic order inasmuch as the symbol usurps the place of the thing it symbolizes, which is equivalent to its death: this first symbol is the tomb that opens the gates of death for us. Still, Lacan adds, the signifier carries the subject beyond death; it “already considers him dead, by nature it immortalizes him”.

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